Roberta Gonzales
Roberta Gonzales Naomi Kaselow
  • CEO/President
  • Extreme Traveler
  • Mom of Two Awesome Sons
  • Executive Assistant
  • Night Owl
  • Sister Roberta Never had!
Mike Hahn
Bryan Thomas Mike Hahn
  • Video Editor
  • Cameraman
  • Expert Advise Connoisseur
  • VP Of Operations
  • Lead Videographer/Editor
  • Proud Dog Dad
Mike Davich Michael “Dallas” Huston
  • Photographer Extrodaire
  • Drone Operator
  • Biggest Heart In The World
  • Videographer
  • Traveler
  • Family First
Steve Ritchie Becky Neff
  • Videographer
  • Editor
  • Makes his own mustache wax
  • Senior Designer
  • Storyteller
  • Provider of Comic Relief!

Our Story

I am blessed.

I have enjoyed 34 years in the Television and Radio business receiving countless awards from Emmys to Associated Press to Radio & Television News Director Association awards as well as precious community honors.

It all began as a dream from an ambitious 11 year old who wanted to “report the news to the people”. From San Diego to San Luis Obispo to San Jose to Chicago to San Francisco, my career has come full circle. Pinch me as I filled in “on set in New York” for the Today Show and CBS This Morning. I have worked through earthquakes, tornadoes, 911 and more personally, deaths of mom, dad, two brothers, grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles, best friends and a dog of 17 years. I am truly a walking country song!

But I have never lost my clarity, commitment and drive. Through adversity comes strength, gratitude, faith and spiritually. There is always hope.

After 21 years at KPIX in San Francisco, it became clear to me, it was time to reach for my biggest dream and challenge. The goal, owning my own Production Company, surrounding myself with the best in the business, and producing quality television programing to enlighten, inform and entertain.

At Roberta Gonzales Productions, one of our main objectives is to produce and deliver a weekly 30 minute entertainment/travel show. From local to International journey’s, it will be refreshing and useful information to help you plan your weekend excursion or your dream vacation.

Another important objective at Roberta Gonzales Productions is to assist clients with their production needs. From Christmas Tree Lightings to sleek Automobile commercials, we have it all.

We have the latest equipment for real estate needs, Zoom meetings, and virtual demonstrations .

And most importantly, Roberta Gonzales Productions is here to serve our community. I will always be readily available for community charity events to inspire healthier communities and raise money for those in need.

I hope we can fill your production and/or community needs. At Roberta Gonzales Productions, we feel it is a privilege and honor to work with you.


Roberta Gonzales